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History from 1783 to 1985 Part 2

After the American Civil War began Ericsson tests to make . Usable solar energy As early as 1875 he had seven solar motors built the first steam engines and the next hot air machines were . 5 years later, Ericsson built a solar motor for a water pump , where thousands of copies sold have become .also Alexander K.Rider an American engineer , built in the closed system of his hot air engine a reegenerator , and enhanced his system properly . In contrast with the generator from Ericsson was Rider much further in progress in the field of thermodynamics.After all their developments in the field of hot air machines both inventors establish the firm Rider - Ericsson Engine Co , and would provide . almost the entire U.S. market with their hot air machines After the death of Ericsson in 1889 the production was taken over by the firm Delamater Ironworks . Only in 1930 stopped the production of hot air engines , because there are many new and more powerful engines were developed .Besides a number of similar developments in France , the inventor Wilhelm Lehmann used in Germany in 1866 the first principle of the closed system of the hot air engine .As a result, because of the low fuel consumption, given the Engines in Germany and parts of central Europe a large sales.The machine weighed 4.1 tons , and had a power of 2 HP and a volume of 21 m3

1 heater 2 Cooler 3 flywheel 4 against crankshaft 5 main crankshaft 6 piston connecting rod of labor 7 of displacer piston connecting rod 8 push rod piston labor 9 push rod displacer piston 10 rocker or transfer rod 11 Machines foundation 12 machine housing

Schematic presentation of a hot air engine of W. Lehmann 1866